My Seventh Grade Experience

When I first arrived in August, I expected for all my classes to be the hardest thing my young life had ever endured. I remember that one day I was sitting in class waiting for the rumors to be true. I heard the whispers, “Oh dear lord, here she comes!“, “God! I hope I didn’t forget anything!“, “Breath, just breath. No need to faint on your first day…” My fingers clenched and un clenched underneath the desk. I felt the sweat dripping into the folds of my skin. I was so nervous I was almost sure I wouldn’t be able to hold a pencil. I foot- no, correction, I should say a shoe- entered through the door. Following that came a body. With that body came two arms carrying bulging folders full of , what I can only expect as, homework. Then on top of those shoulders sat the head. On that head was the face of a teacher with absolutely no emotion. From a few seats over a heard a kid whisper, “Don’t look it in the eyes!” the teacher snapped her head in my direction. Worried that she thought it was me, I stared back at her. I’m pretty sure my eyes were so wide I could be compared to an owl. She turned her head slowly and walked away towards her desk. I released a breath I hadn’t realized I had been holding. Her papers slammed onto the desk and with a smile she said menacingly, “Okay class… Let’s begin shall we?”

Turns out I was worried for nothing. The teacher turned out to be very nice. The homework load was not that bad. The only bad thing was the amount of time we had to get from class to class. They said we had five minutes, but I suspect we only had about three. Sometimes I’ve had to “run” to not be late.

By October, my life was sailing smoothly. No trouble with friends or family. But, I had one problem. O-R-G-A-N-I-Z-A-T-I-O-N. My grades were dropping. I know, disappointing, right? Well, eventually I figured out that I needed to get an organized planner. When I finally got one my whole world changed. My grades got better (ALL ABOVE 90’s) and overall life got better. I got more sleep and I had more time to whatever I want.

So far this year I have learned about the deformed little boy who grew up in an opera house seeking for the one thing no one had ever shown him. How to change for athletics in less than a minute to avoid that scolding from the coach that you have never seen smile and I learned how to pick out the best food from the lunch line just by being nice to the lunch ladies.

As this year comes to a close, I am starting to realize how fast my life is going. It seems like just yesterday I was listening to my mom read me bed time stories. One of my biggest fears now is that I won’t make the best of it. If I could do this year over again, I would have definitely tried to spend more time having fun than doing work. I know that sounds kinda bad, but so far this year I’ve had maybe less than two weeks (not counting holidays) of free time.

Some advice that I would give to upcoming sixth graders is to have fun! It’s hard to remember that when you think you have all the time in the world. NEWS FLASH! Ya don’t. But also, don’t be afraid to expand your horizons. If you don’t, there may be something you were destined for, but you just never experienced it.

Well, that’s my seventh grade year. Hopefully it will help in some shape or form!!!

Okay, so, I’m one of those nuts who loves to think about what happens after the books end. Harry potter just so happens to have told you about the second gen. This of course made me thirst for more. I read fanfiction on the topic and decided none of them were good enough. So, following my motto ( if you can’t find what you want to read, write it yourself) I decided to write some on my own. I’ll give you little notes about the story, because I am too timid of putting my story on the web for the idea of theft.

Albus Severus Potter was put into Slytherin because he wasn’t brave enough for Gryffindor. What his family saw in him was really Slytherin qualities in lion’s clothing. They said he was brave when he decided to follow his brother to the roof. When it was really just ambition to do better than his brother. He’s also a very cunning person, for he has to be if he wishes to avoid James’s tricks. He is shy when he first comes to school, but he eventually breaks out of his shell in his quest to out do his late grandfather, James Potter (1). His group of friends are considered the new “Marauders”. Another one of his ambitions is to prove that not all Slytherin turn bad. He is best friends with Scorpius.

Rose Weasley was placed into Gryffindor, like the rest of her family. When she learned that Albus was in Slytherin, she tried her best to keep on being friends, but the rivalry between the houses caused too much strain and she eventually snapped. She broke up their close bonds by telling Albus that he was a, “good for nothing Slytherin that was bound to end up evil!” When they grew apart, she became bolder because she found a friend in Fred and James. She showed her bravery when she saved Albus and Scorpius from the Whomping Willow. She is the brightest witch of her age, so she spends much of her time with her nose buried deeply into a book.

Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy was placed in Slytherin, this, of course surprised no one. Scorpius, however, was no where like his father and grandfather. He did have ambition and was cunning, but he was much more docile. He found comfort in the simpler things of life and loved coming to the Burrow with Albus. He is also quite smitten with Rose, even though she hates him. He hates the idea of competition too, but that didn’t stop him from joining Quidditch as the keeper. It is said he would’ve been a possible Gryffindor, but the hat saw that he wouldn’t rise to his full potential. He is best friends with Albus.

Seeds… By: Lucy Urdahl

You can see where the seeds have been planted,
They are hollow, empty, desolate beings,
Tears are hidden under the blanket of eyelids,
A fake smile has been painted on their mouths.

Now the seeds begin to grow, not sprouting,
just slowly rising through the confinement of the “soil”,
It’s creating a bigger hole, tearing them from the inside out,
They still push on, hoping it’ll die off without love and nourishment.

It keeps growing -growing and growing- it’s at that flimsy film now,
It pushes, then you can hear a faint pop,
It’s broken through, it’s finally ripped.

The tears now escape,
They ask why, why, why, why,
They refuse to be comforted,
because to be comforted will set new seeds,
And that is not a good thing.

It’s growing now,
Making the rip larger,
so large that it looks almost as if it’ll break in two,
They wish it would, because they can then go numb.

It ripped, it tore, it broke,
It’s just a broken thing now,
Sure it still pumps blood,
But that’s the only purpose now.

Broken in two,
Broken from sorrow,
Broken from love,
Broken hearts always cause pain…

Go, Dog Go

When I was little i could not get enough of one book. This book was Go, Dog Go! by P. D. Eastman. It was the most colorful book I had ever seen. Every single color imaginable to the eye. It was also entirely about dogs, my favorite thing in the world. The thing was, all the dogs were different. It had blue dogs, green dogs, yellow dogs, red dogs, blue dogs, black dogs, white dogs, black and white dogs, tall dogs, short dogs, fast dogs and slow dogs! While i had it I would spend hours attempting to pick out a thing I had not noticed before. I would then force my mother to read it to me before bed EVERY  night. She would even teach me to read some of the words! Eventually, I could read it all by myself. I love reading and dogs. This book incorporated both! I’m sure that this is why I love them. If i hadn’t had this book, I worry I might have realized my love for dogs. Not to mention reading. Without this very book you see in the video, I would be a very -VERY- different person.

Expository Writing: Why Austin is The Best Place to Live

Looking for a little bit of everything? Then you have come to the right place! Hot and cold, city and country, rain and sun! This is Austin, and Austin is the best place to live.

One reason is that there are tons of things to do. For example, you can bring your bike to one of the hike and bike paths that Austin has to offer and have an easy time getting to Lake Austin. I know that when I go biking I like cooling down and there is no better way than just putting my feet in the water. Then, while you’re at the lake you can go rent a canoe or paddle board and go farther out to see the amazing scenery Austin has to offer.

Also, the wildlife and botany Austin has creates wonderful scenery. One example of this is that we are home to the Austin Blind salamander, Barton Springs salamander, and the Jollyville Plateau salamander. These salamanders live no where else in the world, so it is interesting to have endangered species living so close. You not only get to see them, but you have to ability to learn about them first hand.

So, do endangered species and accessible recreational activities not sound fun? Well, they should, because living in Austin is the best. Well, it may just be the best for me. What’s the best place for you? Everyone has that one place that is the best for them, I’m lucky enough to have found mine, why don’t you go find yours?

A Moment of Sadness Narrative Essay

As the words left her mouth, I knew I should have stopped her. Four little words had the power to rip out my heart, chew it up, and spit it at my feet. This was my big moment of weakness. This was the time I learned of my cat’s last night.

That was a night I would always remember. It was quiet out, no sound was disturbing the night, not even the April winds. Even ‘Nothing was stirring, not even a mouse’ would have been putting it lightly. To most people, it would’ve been a night to get caught up on any school work or projects they might have had. For me, it was nothing of the sort.

We were upstairs, and the only thing that could be heard was the wretched sobbing of four voices. One of these voices was me. I was attempting to ask my mother something, but my voice was trapped by the knot in my throat. I put my fingers up and tried to find where it was so I could push it away. The only thing my fingers found was the skin on my neck, which was slick with fresh tears. I pushed, and pushed, and pushed. The knot stayed there. I got so exasperated a fresh wave of tears burst forth.

Finally, I croaked out, “M-Mom? Will I see Hannah tomorrow morning?” My vision was obscured, so I could barley see the shape I believed to be my mom. When she didn’t say anything my hand slowly reached down and stroked the soft shape that lay next to me. You could feel the sharp bones that laid just beneath her fragile skin. My heart broke even more, because this was a reminder that she wasn’t just dying of old age. She was dying of kidney failure. We had tried our best to get rid of it, but it would just come back.

Then, at last, I heard the thin voice of what use to be my mother, “I don’t think so, Lucy… It’s Hannah’s last night.” Those four little words. It took no less than five seconds for me to comprehend what she said, feel my heart stop, and tears to cascade down my face. Not in droplets, but in rivers and rivers of salty water that filled the cracks of my nose and smothered my taste buds. I knew what the answer was going to be, but I still wasn’t prepared for it.

My hand shifted so that it would caress her cheek. Oh, how she use to love for us to do that. I looked at her frail body… if you had seen it, you wouldn’t have believed that she had once been one of the most agile hunters ever. I licked my lips and a new burst of the salty flavor flooded into me. I replayed those words coming out of my mother’s mouth. Every- and I mean EVERY- single time it felt like a Llama kicking me in the chest.

One hand over my swollen heart, the other every so carefully feeling the smooth fur of a beautiful cat for the last time, my face buried into a pillow, shoulders shaking with silent sobs. That is what I looked like. I felt even worse. I felt weak, that in turn made me feel bad because I believed that I had to be the strong one for Hannah. I tried to smile at her, but it wouldn’t last.

I try to think of Hannah every single 365 days in a year and then maybe some more. Even though it was a time of great sadness, it taught me to be okay with crying. It’s not a display of weakness, it’s a show of love. You only ever cry at things you love, and love is what keeps the world going. That is why the world is full of tears- both joyful and sorrowful. And that is why the tears will never stop flowing.

How to Pass Time on an Airplane

Boooooring. Boooooooooring. Boooooooooooooooring. That is how I describe plane rides, unless of course you have something to do. I am one of those people that can’t stand an airplane ride.  It took a few years but I finally pulled together enough tricks so I could enjoy it.

First off, you need a form of entertainment. I find that electronics are used mostly, but the thing is you can easily get sick of these if you aren’t prepared. Make sure that there are plenty of apps that you like (I say about ten plus are good, but it depends on how long your flight is. The longer the flight, the more apps). Another good form of entertainment are books. Since today most books are electronic, make sure you download these before hand or you will not have books. Make sure that your electronic device is charged and at a hundred when YOU GET ON THE PLANE. Many people also enjoy music so make sure, if you like music, you have plenty of the type you like. Radio will most likely not work. Even though these sounds like enough to get you through the plane ride, people like me can get bored very easily or may get a headache from the high altitude, you may decide that perhaps you would much rather like to catch up on rest you’ve lost.

Sleeping is what a great deal of people decide to do on their time on an airplane. For instance when I have a raging headache because of the altitude, I begin to feel extremely sick. And when I’m sick, I like to sleep. It allows you to have relief from perhaps grumbling conversations, screaming babies, or the flight attendant that seems a little too cheery and just is getting on your nerves. I have nothing against flight attendants, but when you’re in an airplane you never know what could set of that part of your mind that makes you hate everything. Sometimes though, I find it hard to fall asleep. Here are some things you could use if you find this being you’re problem. Bring a pillow or some comfort item, these will make you feel more at home. A blanket can provide warmth or a blockage of light if it is bothering your eyes. Most importantly you could listen to soothing music or just put in headphones to block the noises we talked about earlier.

I hope that this helps you figure out how to pass time on an airplane. I also know that you have at least one thing you cannot stand, so I suggest you come up with a few ideas to help you get through them. It helps if you plan before hand so you know exactly what you need. If you wait till last minute, you will forget something. Now, please allow me to go back to packing, I need to make sure I have every thing.

*everything blinks into blackness*

Expository Writing: Why Sleeping is Enjoyable

It is a blissful, amazing, simple thing. Sleeping is very-very- enjoyable.

One reason is that it allows you to “recharge” after a long and tiresome day. For an example, when I get home, after having to deal with homework-happy teachers and running the entire length of the school, there is nothing more I want to do than shut my eyes. Head hits the pillow, and I’m already too far gone to be woken up. As I “recharge”, my head loses sensibility and I begin to dream.

When you start to dream, you can think of wonderful things that could change the world. For instance, Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream if equality on earth. If it hadn’t been for a dream we could still be segregated today. I hope one day, one of my dreams will change the world.

Whether it be “recharging”, dreaming, or some other reason. I’m sure you’ll find sleeping somewhat enjoyable, and if not you should find at least one thing enjoyable. I mean, everyone should always have something they find enjoyable. Without having something enjoyable in life, it can be just plain dull. Speaking of -*yawn*- sleeping. I may just have to go take a nap. *smack mouth*

Stories that I want to write when I’m older…

As many of my friends know, I want to be a famous author. To be like J.K. Rowling or Rick Riordan. But, most of all I want people to find inspiration with my writings. My stories to stick with people for centuries. Now look! I’m just babbling, let’s get to the topic at hand. I’m going to share the inner most workings of my thoughts. The stories I want to make me famous. This is a risk, putting them here, so I ask you to please not take them. Here we go…

A story in the form of a journal about a girl who is mute. She is treated differently, like a kid who can’t comprehend even the basics in life. So she calls out the only way she can-drawing- and she draws what is really there not what other people see. Let me rephrase that, where people would see the beautiful queen-bee, she sees the broken girl inside. The one that doesn’t want people to know who she really is. This is what the girl draws. But what happens when a new person comes to town and she can’t figure out who he is. She wants to draw him, to know him, but how can she do that when she can’t even ask him?

[name needed]-
This is about an engineer. He lives a mundane life. Get up, eat, work, sleep. That is until one day a robot, a robot named Dot, comes to find him. He is launched into the future of mankind, 290 years to be exact, to stop a war. The war is between rouge robots and humans. But how can he help? He doesn’t know and it doesn’t look like anyone wants to tell him. (This would be a book series).

A boy lives with his mother. He remembers his dad, but it gets blurrier every time a day passes. On a normal Tuesday afternoon, he runs into a monster. It wasn’t a “monster monster”, it was like a shadow. What’s worse is that three people come out of nowhere and make it disappear. When they see him, they know he’s special. Two are his age, the other one is… His father. A new world comes into focus as he learns of his heritage. When a threat comes up out of the blue, what does he do? He fights. (this is a book series also.)


I recently lost my cat, Sancho, on January 7, 2014. I thought I should write about him, to show how much I care about him.

He’s been with me every year of life, my mom got him four years before I was born. I use to love saying that he was a fat, cuddly, old cat. Which, if you’re wondering, he was “fat”. In reality he was just very large and a little over weight. He was always there, if I was ever upset he would make me feel better. I know this is short, but it’s just too hard to explain how much I love him.