My friends

This is where I will write about some of my Best Friends, because I just want to!


Catherine is one of my newer friends, but just as close as the rest of them. She is very hyper, but can make you feel better if you’re down. She sits next to me in English most times, we use to sit near to each other in Tex History (we got new seats so now she’s far away 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭). She will always help me study, even though most of those study sessions end with us talking about the most random things in the world. Cat Cat, is what a few friends and I call her sometimes. It is pretty funny actually because she dislikes cats very much. I’ve known her since about the third month of Sixth grade and we became pretty good friends at about the sixth month of sixth grade. Ever since then, I can’t imagine school if I didn’t know her. School life would be very different. So, go look on her blog (Catherine’s Blog of Awesomeness)!!!!!!


You have that one best friend that you’ve had forever? Doesn’t matter there age, height, race, gender, or anything else. Well, one of my best friends is Grant. He is tall, blonde, blue eyes, and always there for me. He is also my neighbor. The thing is that for every single year we’ve known each other (almost 10 years, 7 school years)

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