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City of Bones Review

So, I have recently read City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. It is a very well written book, but I would rate it an eight out of ten. I would only give it an eight because it had a little too much romance for my taste. Also some of the character’s need to have an attitude check, but other than that it is very awesome.

Character Review-

I personally don’t like or dislike this character, she is, in my opinion, a character that evolves a lot in the beginning, but doesn’t change for a while.

This is a character that I enjoyed reading about, but at times I wanted to punch his face. He didn’t evolve from being a jerk, even though he did open up too Clary. I hated him at the end though- *spoilers from here to end* he just seemed completely unlike himself. He was willing to go with Valentine even though he knew that he was doing the wrong thing. At the end he also seemed like an empty shell of himself in a way, and too clingy than the Jace we knew.

This is by far my favorite character, even though he seemed to depressed when he told Clary that he really liked her after he saw her and Jace kissing. I think that Simon is cool because he is nerdy in a way that makes him pretty dang awesome.

I don’t really know what to think, the way the author described her in the beginning doesn’t really match up with the way she ended up. Sure she left little rat Simon but that was just rude of her. In the end at the finally battle she was actually pretty cool.

My second favorite character, he just has that mean personality that makes him seem more shy and mysterious rather than cold and unforgiving. It made me so mad when Clary was so mean to him when he was just trying to look out for his friend.

I think he is pretty cool, especially since he’s a werewolf, all I have to say.

This is a creepy character in my opinion. He seems kinda like the dude that lives on your street everyone knows but you’ve never seen him. He is also a very horrible father. I just don’t like him.

And that’s my review, sorry if this gives away a lot, but ya know, I told you there were spoilers!