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Go, Dog Go

When I was little i could not get enough of one book. This book was Go, Dog Go! by P. D. Eastman. It was the most colorful book I had ever seen. Every single color imaginable to the eye. It was also entirely about dogs, my favorite thing in the world. The thing was, all the dogs were different. It had blue dogs, green dogs, yellow dogs, red dogs, blue dogs, black dogs, white dogs, black and white dogs, tall dogs, short dogs, fast dogs and slow dogs! While i had it I would spend hours attempting to pick out a thing I had not noticed before. I would then force my mother to read it to me before bed EVERY  night. She would even teach me to read some of the words! Eventually, I could read it all by myself. I love reading and dogs. This book incorporated both! I’m sure that this is why I love them. If i hadn’t had this book, I worry I might have realized my love for dogs. Not to mention reading. Without this very book you see in the video, I would be a very -VERY- different person.