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In a fantasy world,
Beyond the reach of the royal guards,
Above the green grass,
In a regal tower,

Until one day he came,
On her eighteenth birthday,

Up the tower he climbed,
To be met with a frying pan,

Down the tower,
By her long, blonde hair,
To their escape,
Towards the floating lights,

By Carly and Me

My “Candy” Store

Genetics Exhibit, San Jose Tech
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk via Compfight

Everyone has the one thing they love, whether that be Hershey Dark Chocolate Kisses to the newest boy-band, everyone has one. I found my love because of my brother. When I was younger and in first or second grade I was very competitive. My brother had learned how to read and was whizzing through books, being myself and sibling rivalry, I had to do better. I learned how to read quickly, reading Junie B. Jones and The Magic Tree-house. Eventually those books became too easy, so I had to find a book store. This is where the story really should begin, but I like giving back stories. The one book store close enough to my house was Barnes and Noble, and it was like a dream. I even loved the smell of the store. I walked through the store, and like I usually do, I got entranced and wandered away from my dad. Being only about seven at the time I got scared. I don’t like showing weakness so I just started wondering about, then I found the amazing world of the kid section.

I found my dad and brother there. They didn’t even realize I had been missing! Well, now that I think to back to it, they probably did but just didn’t want to bring it up. I looked around and found a few books with cats on them, the only problem was that it said Warriors. I just kinda left it. Then I went to the back and found… STICKER BOOKS!!!!!! It was amazing! I had known of sticker books I didn’t know of the magical place they came from. I instantly found one about dogs. I picked it out and ran to my dad. I begged him to let me take it, he complied. I was so happy I forgot what we had come there for. We ended up leaving without a “book” for me.

Oh, well. There was always the school library.