Expository Writing: Why Sleeping is Enjoyable

It is a blissful, amazing, simple thing. Sleeping is very-very- enjoyable.

One reason is that it allows you to “recharge” after a long and tiresome day. For an example, when I get home, after having to deal with homework-happy teachers and running the entire length of the school, there is nothing more I want to do than shut my eyes. Head hits the pillow, and I’m already too far gone to be woken up. As I “recharge”, my head loses sensibility and I begin to dream.

When you start to dream, you can think of wonderful things that could change the world. For instance, Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream if equality on earth. If it hadn’t been for a dream we could still be segregated today. I hope one day, one of my dreams will change the world.

Whether it be “recharging”, dreaming, or some other reason. I’m sure you’ll find sleeping somewhat enjoyable, and if not you should find at least one thing enjoyable. I mean, everyone should always have something they find enjoyable. Without having something enjoyable in life, it can be just plain dull. Speaking of -*yawn*- sleeping. I may just have to go take a nap. *smack mouth*

2 thoughts on “Expository Writing: Why Sleeping is Enjoyable

  1. Hello Lucy!

    How are you doing?

    Sleeping is my favorite respite. I also enjoy it. I’m so happy to note, that you have emphasized this in your writing.

    Sleeping as you have said, is necessary to recharge. Doctors recommend us to have 8 hours of sleeping for better body recharge and makeover of cells.

    In my case at the moment, I usually sleep from 10 p.m. until 4 a.m. – only in 6 hours. However, in my younger years, I usually sleep at 9 a.m. and rise at 5 a.m. – complete hours needed to note.

    I hope, you do the 8 hours sleeping need of your body. In my case, it was very beneficial. My memory was very good on that time making me on top in our batch.

    You have noted dreams while asleep. Dreams are continuation of whatever is our minds before we sleep. According to the psychology experts, dreams are the offshoots of what we want to do next, what we keep on thinking upon, and what inspires us most.
    There were many famous people who have had their great dreams for the benefit of mankind, and were instituted by times.

    God bless you always Lucy!

    Cheers from,
    Quirino High School, Project 3,
    Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
    [ROLANDO R. BARCELON, Chemistry Teacher]

    • Hi Mr.Barcelon!

      I’m good, how’s life for you?

      I noticed that you seem to wake up pretty early, why is that? Here I usually get up at around 6:30 on a school day and anywhere from 8-10 on weekends or breaks.

      Sometimes I don’t get the full 8 hours but I am thankful for spring break. It has really helped me catch up on my sleep. And may I say, it has been very enjoyable.

      During my sleep, I had many wonderful dreams. What are some dreams that you have? I really do wonder. I want to know how different they are from my dreams. The scenery must be pretty different so you must dream about that? I really do wonder.

      Have a great day,


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