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Expository Writing: Why Austin is The Best Place to Live

Looking for a little bit of everything? Then you have come to the right place! Hot and cold, city and country, rain and sun! This is Austin, and Austin is the best place to live.

One reason is that there are tons of things to do. For example, you can bring your bike to one of the hike and bike paths that Austin has to offer and have an easy time getting to Lake Austin. I know that when I go biking I like cooling down and there is no better way than just putting my feet in the water. Then, while you’re at the lake you can go rent a canoe or paddle board and go farther out to see the amazing scenery Austin has to offer.

Also, the wildlife and botany Austin has creates wonderful scenery. One example of this is that we are home to the Austin Blind salamander, Barton Springs salamander, and the Jollyville Plateau salamander. These salamanders live no where else in the world, so it is interesting to have endangered species living so close. You not only get to see them, but you have to ability to learn about them first hand.

So, do endangered species and accessible recreational activities not sound fun? Well, they should, because living in Austin is the best. Well, it may just be the best for me. What’s the best place for you? Everyone has that one place that is the best for them, I’m lucky enough to have found mine, why don’t you go find yours?