How to Pass Time on an Airplane

Boooooring. Boooooooooring. Boooooooooooooooring. That is how I describe plane rides, unless of course you have something to do. I am one of those people that can’t stand an airplane ride.  It took a few years but I finally pulled together enough tricks so I could enjoy it.

First off, you need a form of entertainment. I find that electronics are used mostly, but the thing is you can easily get sick of these if you aren’t prepared. Make sure that there are plenty of apps that you like (I say about ten plus are good, but it depends on how long your flight is. The longer the flight, the more apps). Another good form of entertainment are books. Since today most books are electronic, make sure you download these before hand or you will not have books. Make sure that your electronic device is charged and at a hundred when YOU GET ON THE PLANE. Many people also enjoy music so make sure, if you like music, you have plenty of the type you like. Radio will most likely not work. Even though these sounds like enough to get you through the plane ride, people like me can get bored very easily or may get a headache from the high altitude, you may decide that perhaps you would much rather like to catch up on rest you’ve lost.

Sleeping is what a great deal of people decide to do on their time on an airplane. For instance when I have a raging headache because of the altitude, I begin to feel extremely sick. And when I’m sick, I like to sleep. It allows you to have relief from perhaps grumbling conversations, screaming babies, or the flight attendant that seems a little too cheery and just is getting on your nerves. I have nothing against flight attendants, but when you’re in an airplane you never know what could set of that part of your mind that makes you hate everything. Sometimes though, I find it hard to fall asleep. Here are some things you could use if you find this being you’re problem. Bring a pillow or some comfort item, these will make you feel more at home. A blanket can provide warmth or a blockage of light if it is bothering your eyes. Most importantly you could listen to soothing music or just put in headphones to block the noises we talked about earlier.

I hope that this helps you figure out how to pass time on an airplane. I also know that you have at least one thing you cannot stand, so I suggest you come up with a few ideas to help you get through them. It helps if you plan before hand so you know exactly what you need. If you wait till last minute, you will forget something. Now, please allow me to go back to packing, I need to make sure I have every thing.

*everything blinks into blackness*

Expository Writing: Why Sleeping is Enjoyable

It is a blissful, amazing, simple thing. Sleeping is very-very- enjoyable.

One reason is that it allows you to “recharge” after a long and tiresome day. For an example, when I get home, after having to deal with homework-happy teachers and running the entire length of the school, there is nothing more I want to do than shut my eyes. Head hits the pillow, and I’m already too far gone to be woken up. As I “recharge”, my head loses sensibility and I begin to dream.

When you start to dream, you can think of wonderful things that could change the world. For instance, Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream if equality on earth. If it hadn’t been for a dream we could still be segregated today. I hope one day, one of my dreams will change the world.

Whether it be “recharging”, dreaming, or some other reason. I’m sure you’ll find sleeping somewhat enjoyable, and if not you should find at least one thing enjoyable. I mean, everyone should always have something they find enjoyable. Without having something enjoyable in life, it can be just plain dull. Speaking of -*yawn*- sleeping. I may just have to go take a nap. *smack mouth*


In a fantasy world,
Beyond the reach of the royal guards,
Above the green grass,
In a regal tower,

Until one day he came,
On her eighteenth birthday,

Up the tower he climbed,
To be met with a frying pan,

Down the tower,
By her long, blonde hair,
To their escape,
Towards the floating lights,

By Carly and Me