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Christmas With My Family

 I have always loved Christmas. I love waking up in the morning to the smell of pine needles and the warmth of the oven permeating through the house. I walk down the stairs in my pajamas and fuzzy socks; waiting for a hug from my grandma. My grandma comes over to our house every year, she lives really close so it’s easy for her. She would cook our dinner along my parents. I loved watching them cook, I don’t know why. But, before all that we open the presents. We sit down in the “game” room. It’s called the game room because that’s where my brother keeps the Xbox. I always look to the back of the tree, because that’s where the presents for my pets usually are. I like opening some of those first because I just adore my pets. After we get them all set, my brother and I start opening our presents. Some years there aren’t that much, but some years there are A LOT!
 After we open the presents we’ll just do whatever, wether that mean getting calls from my grandparents or watching an old Christmas movie. My favorite Christmas movie is the one where Rudolph and the elf that wants to be a dentist go to the Island of Misfit toys. I don’t know why, I just do!
 Then finally after waiting, we eat honey glazed ham that will make your mouth water. We’ll have turkey sometimes too. We’ll sit down at the granite table and eat. We talk about things going on in our life. Then after a long day sitting in our pajamas, my grandma has to leave to go home and we all go up to bed.